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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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Karen MontoyaOctober 19 2011
Literacy across continents

 Culture Essay
 There is culture all around, different beliefs, behavior groups etc. Culture can refer to social Classes people are in or the lifestyle they live but more importantly culture shows how people are different in many ways. Such culture diversity can be seen in retail stores such as the Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. Although some may argue that Old Navy and Banana Republic are the same type of store own by Gap, what is not being said is how the group of audience they each target differs both culturally and socially.  There are many stores in malls that have different type of clothing styles and certain people that work there. Some stores may have older people or younger people depending on what type of age group the stores mainly want to attract. The purpose of this is basically to get a profit from every social class however it is also to show how greater the difference there is between people. Whites are mainly the one’s that would buy in Banana Republic and Gap while Hispanics and blacks would shop at old navy. The Gap owns both Old Navy and Banana Republic which all together makes the Gap Inc. A mall without any of the stores mention above is a rare sight to see. All together these stores demonstrate diversity and differences in classes.

Bannana republic at first was owned by Mel Ziegler and his wife Patricia Ziegler but was later on sold to Gap. However before it was sold, the type of clothing it consisted of was mostly safari and traveling theme. The unique way in which the store gathered attention unlike Gap and Old Navy was a having an illustrated catalog that was presented high end with exotic location and fancy clothing’s that was spiced up. As Banana Republic spread and open more store it began to be widely recognize for its in store themes such as atmospheric elements, and use of jeeps. These stores were intended for a more sophisticated and high class...
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