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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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There are thousands and thousands of cultures within our world and society today. I have decided to observe a family that has a completely different culture than my family. The family I followed is a Hispanic family that is extremely close and very religious.

The Rios family consists of five people: Fabiola Rios, Pablo Rios Sr., Pablo Rios Jr., Tania Rios, and Kiara Rios. The Rios family is very Catholic and extremely close. A typical Sunday with the Rios' starts off with everyone getting up at eight in the morning to go to church. After church, they go out to brunch. Once they are done eating brunch, they go back home and clean the house. At about one in the afternoon, Fabiola, Tania and Kiara to the mall and do some small shopping. Pablo Sr. and Jr. stay home and relax. After shopping, Fabiola and Tania start making dinner. They eat dinner at 4:30. Once dinner is done, they all get served their food by Fabiola and sit down together to eat. After they are done eating, they get ready for school tomorrow. They finish off the day with TV. At 10:00 PM, everyone says goodnight, I love you, and goes to bed.

Our families and cultures are very different. The Rios family is much closer than my family. My family consists of 3 people and my parents are divorced. When someone in my family does something wrong, our parents just yell at us until we get what we did wrong. We don't usually get grounded. We are also required to do chores for money. The Rios family is very religious, as my family is not. So when they do something wrong, their punishment is much worse. When they do something wrong, they get grounded and have to clean a lot more than their other siblings. Also, when one of the kids in the Rios family wants money, one just has to ask. They don't have to clean for the money. Another difference is that the Rios family is an extremely close family. They have their problems, but they often fix them quickly. In my family, we're not close at all. When we get into...
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