Culture Diversity in the Profession

Topics: Left-handedness, Nursing, Culture Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Culture Diversity in the Professon

I have to start this paper off with a confession. I had hand surgery a couple of years ago and had to become a lefty for several months. The experiment would have been harder I know if I would have not gone through this experience. I am not a lefty but had to live as a I can use my left hand to do more than the average right handed person. I have much appreciation for left handed people. The world is set up for right handed people. If you have to put in a light bulb you have to screw the light to the right. If you have to deal with anything mechanical you usually have to turn clockwise to insert and counter clockwise remove. I am a nurse and I had to learn to grasp really small objects such as IV antibiotics with my left hand to remove. I would have to hesitate and really think my way through the process. In doing so my arm would hit the IV pump. I would be free of doing this if I used my right hand. I never got use to using scissors even though I became extremely proficient at using my left hand. Pumping gas was really a challenge. First you have to unscrew the gas top with your left hand and you have to use strength and pressure then you have to squeeze the pump and use the left hand that is not as strong as your right. This gave me an appreciation of what my left hand family members go through. My husband, daughter, sister and sister n law are all lefties. Lefties have to use more brain cells than right handed people. They have to adjust to our world. I do believe this makes them smarter and more adaptable in difficulty situations. I don’t know what the average is now but I read many years ago that a third of our Presidents were left handed. I started my nursing career almost twenty years ago as a Registered Nurse in 1992. You would think in the nineties I had plenty of role models. Unfortunate that was not true. I had to fight to get a chance to do the things that my counter parts were being offered to do like...
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