Culture Clash

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  • Published : November 5, 2011
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Professor Dorothy Harris
English 111
Paper #2
Culture Clash

In the story “The Man to Send Rain Clouds”, I’ve learned that culture has a major contribution to the ways Native Americans lives revolve around their family traditions as they are passed down from one generation to the next. Also, I’ve learned that the Indians have faced outside influences from another culture and despite the differences of the two cultures they’ve came together during their ceremonial rituals. The Indians’ traditions are often influenced by outside religions which produce conflicts, but the original and basic premise of the belief remains the same, although as time moves on more ideas have been added to the cultural belief. In this story I’ve come to learn the differences of the two cultures; those of the Native Americans and of the Catholic’s. Having a tribe perform a ceremonial ritual to bring both peace and rain is the traditional Indian funeral ceremony and traditions of the Catholics include sprinkling holy water on the dead to be blessed and having a full mass funeral.

Traditions of the Native Americans are important to be passed down from one generation to the next because each tradition has its significance to their modern lives. These traditions include painting the face of the dead so they will be recognized in a new world and having a ceremony to bring rain during a bad harvest season is also a tradition passed down. In this story, an old man is found dead in a sheep camp and is given a traditional Indian burial by painting the face of the old man and wrapping him in a blanket before the burial. The local Catholic priest disliked that he was not beckoned to oversee the burial ceremony. This leads to a disagreement between the priest and the grandchild of the old man, because the priest is upset about not being informed on the death of the old man in order to perform a proper Christian burial. Then when the priest left and the burial and the funeral services was...
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