Culture Based Creativity in Organizations

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Creativity, like Leadership, is a controversial term. Some people say that it is inborn. Others are of the view that it can be developed. I personally believe that creativity is mostly an inborn characteristic in human beings. However, it can be honed and polished by the supervision of experienced people. The link between Creativity and Culture is also very deep rooted. Even if the dormant attribute of creativity is present within an individual, it is not possible to extract that feature in the absence of a supportive culture. Culture affects creativity in number of ways which have been discussed at length in the research article. I would just like to briefly mention those factors which influence creativity. Firstly, the personality of the individual plays a key role in determining the level of creativity that the individual possesses. This aspect of personality has been termed as cultural capital in the research article. Other than that, cultural environment also plays a significant role in promoting or demoting the creativity present within individuals. Creativity and culture form a part of one another. We may say that culture contributes in providing a platform to practice creativity. Similarly, creativity contributes majorly in making and developing the culture. So it is not possible to ignore the impact of culture on creativity and vice-versa. Culture-based creativity is that creativity which originates from the creative people present within a culture. Culture-based creativity comprises of three factors as mentioned in the research article, * Personal abilities

* Technical or Artistic skills
* Conducive social environment
In the presence of all these factors, creativity tends to accelerate within any given culture and hence gives rise to an embedding of creativity on to the culture. Creativity that is based on culture helps to develop the individuals as well as the society in a number of ways. These have been briefly described in the following paragraph. With the presence of creativity, the process of innovation is enhanced. Innovation is not possible without a creative mind. Creativity is the intrinsic part of Innovation. It is the creative mind that presents the individual with different ideas and leads the way to innovation. Not only does creativity support and nurture innovation, but it also helps to create a feeling of social cohesion within a workgroup in case of an organization. This cohesion is based on creativity that is common among all individuals of the workgroup. Finally, culture-based creativity also provides alternative solutions to a variety of issues that may arise within an organization or a society. Culture-based creativity is composed of distinctive features that provide a unique platform for the growth of various individual as well as collective skills. In addition, it also facilitates in the growth of the society’s economy and wellbeing. CREATIVITY AND CULTURE IN LOCAL CONTEXT

Unfortunately, Pakistan exhibits lack of a creative culture in majority of the aspects of modern day life. People in Pakistan are hell bent on doing things exactly the same way as they have been doing all their lives. In order to inculcate a culture of creativity, drastic changes need to be implemented within the system. I would like to continue with addressing certain areas which are an important source of enhancing creativity within a society. * BASIC EDUCATION

The academic curriculum of our country has become very outdated. It is based on a purely pedagogical method of study. Students are forced to learn and study in contrast with their area of interest. This acts as a major factor to hinder the creativity present within individuals. Even the teachers are unaware of the basic motive behind teaching a specific course. The teachers are merely focused on completing their annual curriculum regardless the fact...
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