Culture and Leadership

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Culture and Leadership
Pedro Marcos

It is relevant to have objectives when one plans to invest his life- time in the business field, especially when would-be leaders encounter real issues out of a classroom; leaders face the pressure of how to create profitability least to say it; therefore, leaders must possess distinctive characteristics than others. We believe we possess that force that drives in our soul to be creative. Somehow, leaders are impacted by news as in a Michigan’s journal, “The Republican governor of Michigan signed a pair of so-called right-to-work bills Tuesday night, dealing unions a major setback in a state that was the crucible of the modern organized-labor movement. Earlier, two votes in the GOP-controlled state House approved bills to allow workers in unionized workplaces in the public and private sector to opt out of paying union dues if they wish. The Senate approved both measures last week. The final votes on the bills, which were largely along party lines, came as thousands of union activists and their political supporters rallied outside the state Capitol in a turbulent scene that will likely foreshadow political battles to come”. (Dolan, Matthew & Maher, Kris. 2012) This is the scenario where we move, we must have to deal with the market vicissitudes almost every day. The perspective is uncertain for common people, even for us; but the prize is too great to ignore it. We daily strive for productivity and obtain more profits for our organization; although, leaders realize that our efforts are motivated by what is called culture. And what is culture? According to Gudykunst & and Ting-Toomey (1988), culture is the way of life, customs, and a script of a group of people.

Our participation as agents is tremendous impact on this interdependence with culture; culture and leadership become a symbiosis that makes the process of constant change in all aspects of life, but specifically in our field, more comprehensive....
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