Culture and Influences

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Culture and how it affects how a person views the world around him or her. Culture has many definitions but for this paper, the meaning discussed here is the range of behaviors and the influences that cause a person to behavior in a curtain manner.

O’Neil (2006), “Culture is the full range of learned human behavior patterns” (para. 1). Culture is a set of behaviors learned within the surroundings of a person. A person from Asia will have a different set of behaviors and beliefs from someone who is from America because of the influences that surrounds him or her. Culture is isolated to one group, popular culture influence changes and affects larger groups of people. Popular culture is the influences, which also affect how a person act and even how he or she dress. Popular culture can change over time but culture stays the same.

Three major trends in popular American culture today are music, television, and social media. Music has been a part of popular culture for a long time. With the launch of Music Television, music has been at the forefront of popular culture. With greater coverage of the artist, music could have better reach into the American culture. While music has had an impact on American culture, this may not have been the case if it had not have been for the invention of television. Television has given more access to the artist and many other things, which have influenced American culture. In recent years, a new form of media has become widely popular in American culture. This new form of entertainment is Social Media. Social Media has become a tool for Americans to stay connected to others from around the world or even just the next-door neighbor.

Popular American culture has made changes in the way Americans go about his or her daily lives. The way a person dresses and even behaves is a result of the influences of popular culture. Rap music is an example of the influences that has gripped the American culture. Many...
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