Culture and Identity

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“Culture and Identity is the most lucid and up-to-date introduction to psychological anthropology available and provides an indispensible bridge between anthropology and psychology.” Robert A. LeVine, Professor Emeritus of Education and Human Development and Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Harvard University “An important intellectual synthesis and a superb teaching text.” Steven Parish, Professor of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego “A useful and wide-ranging introduction to psychological anthropology. ” Arthur Kleinman, Esther and Sidney Rabb Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University “Balanced, insightful, and comprehensive.” Naomi Quinn, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University “Lindholm provides sophisticated and readable coverage of both the history of psychological anthropology and contemporary research in the areas of cognition, self and emotion, and mental illness.” Cyndi Dunn, Professor of Anthropology, University of Northern Iowa “Culture and Identity offers a broad spectrum of key concepts that anyone who studies and teaches social and cultural anthropology with psychological emphasis must include in their course reading list.” Sonia Ryang, Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies, University of Iowa

Culture and Identity
The History, Theory, and Practice of Psychological Anthropology

Charles Lindholm
Boston University

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