Culture and Globalization

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Democracy Pages: 2 (269 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Christian Kim Alcantara

English 10

Outline for Globalization by Manny Dy

I. Essence of Globalization

A. The trade which is headed toward the creation of a single, integrated free market.

B. Economic globalization is not the globalization is about.

C. Globalization has engendered the universal civilization.

II. The positive values of Globalization

A. The universal globalization is good because it makes available the basic necessities of life.

B. A universal civilization brings out certain truths of values whose validity is universal.

C. Globalization appears to be supportive of the values of democracy and of human rights.

D. The democratization and liberalization of globalization brings about a cultural homogenization.

E. It helps promote global peace and solidarity

III. The negative values of globalization

A. First negative value is massive poverty.

B. Neglecting of human rights is concomitant of loss of freedom and democracy.

C. It unleashes all that is selfish about human nature.

D. Homogenization of cultures by globalization has resulted in the dismantling of social diversity and pluralism of cultures.

IV. There are some proposals to avoid or rectify the negative consequences of globalization process.

A. Make another form of capitalism which is responsible capitalism.

B. We need to conserve both cultural identity and diversity.

C. Civil society must guard its separate identity and autonomy; avoid assuming direct government and business corporations.

D. The government must do its tasks to alleviate poverty.

E. We have to promote global democracy.

F. Global responsibility must be created and strengthened.

V. Rectifying globalization lead us to solidarity.

A. Everyone is responsible for everyone....
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