Culture and Etiquette: Japan, Brazil, Egypt

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Jennifer Sharpe
Unit 4 Assignment
Organizational Behavior
January 14, 2013

The official language of Japan is Japanese. The official religion is Buddhism. A meal always has rice, even breakfast. White rice is called gohan. Meals often consist of gohan, a bowl of pickles called tsukemono, a bowl of soup, and a variety of other dishes like fish, meat, and vegetables. This is called okazu. Since Japan is an island country they consume a lot of seafood including squid, crab, octopus, shrimp, whale, lobster and seaweed. Slurping your soup or noodles shows the Japanese that you are enjoying your meal. When doing business men should wear dark and conservative attire. Shoes should be easy to remove as this will be done often. When using a bathroom in someone’s home, you will be required to wear a specific pair of slippers before using it. Women should wear low heeled shoes to avoid being taller than men. Pointing is considered rude. It is custom to arrive late, punctuality is not expected. Money is not openly displayed, use an envelope. The number fourteen is bad luck, it sounds like the Japanese word for death. Business and personal gift giving is very important and should be done at the end of the visit. Business cards should be printed in your home language on one side and in Japanese on the other. A bow, not a handshake is the proper way to greet. EGYPT

In Egypt the predominant religion is Islam. Foreigners are expected to dress modestly, do not wear Egyptian clothing. Jackets and ties are required for men, women must also dress modestly. Egyptians stand very close to each other, moving away from them is seen as an act of aloofness, however, opposite sexes stand further apart than we do in the United States. Showing your shoe sole is considered an insult to the other person you are meeting, do not cross your legs during your meeting. Smoking in public is very common, present and offer your cigarettes. Arabic is read from the right...
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