Culture and Diversity

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Culture and Diversity|
The Culture Of Our Country And A Plan To Promote Equality| |
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Andrea M. Dye|

The United States of America was founded on “liberty and justice for all” as quoted from the Declaration of Independence. Even though we words were written there many cases where slavery, genocide, discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping and many others forms of separation has kept people unequal. Over the course of this class I have learned many things about diversity in the United States that has helped me understand others in many different ways than I have in the past. I have learned about my own cultural history, immigration, challenges, and ways to resolve any issues that may arise in our country.

One thing that I have learned about my own cultural history is the amount of discrimination towards others of different ethnicities and races dating all the way back to the first colonist. Genocide, slavery, and segregation have plagued us as a country. The first colonist forced the Native Americans out of their land into a segregated part of the country. Slavery occurred when Americans brought African Americans to this country saying they were a lower race of people that deserved to serve the causation race. By understanding the dark side of the past, I was able to see the objective reasons as to why there were movements, laws and organizations created for the equality of all people one by one. I was able to see the emotions that backed the force so that I could better relate to those from other cultures. With the trends of immigration, more people from other types of backgrounds, nationalities, religions, etc. will come to this country. The United States will become more diverse and I...
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