Culture and Development

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Culture and Development
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Culture is defined as “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) All of these factors play a role in contributing to a persons’ culture. Customary beliefs are beliefs that have always been in that group of people. Some might say that they are similar to superstitions. Some people have superstitions about ladders, or black cats, or stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. These beliefs are passed down from generation to generation and can go back to the beginning of that group of people. Material traits are traits that people have within themselves that usually relate to their racial, religious, or social group. These traits can be personality, behavioral, beliefs, etc. Every group has material traits that can be associated with them. Culture plays a big role in influencing people. Culture can start to influence people as young as infants and toddlers.

The influence culture plays on infant and toddler development can vary depending on the sensitivities of the child. The three main influences that culture affects in development are security, education, and socialization. The physical and social surroundings of a child can attribute to a child feeling secure in their environment or insecure in their environment. If a child feels secure in their cultural environment, then they are more likely to venture out of their culture to experience new things. If a child feels insecure in their environment, then they are more likely to stay close and be uncomfortable in large groups. If a child is secure in their cultural environment, then they have an easier time adjusting to the education aspect of their development. The educational influence of culture could either make the child broaden their horizons or it could hinder them from going forward. If a culture values education, then the child will have more possibilities to...
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