Culture and Consumer Behavior

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“Culture and Consumer Behavior”

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Meaning and Nature of Culture:-

Culture is an aggregate of the learned beliefs, attitudes, values, norms and customs of a society or group of people, shared by them and transmitted from generation to generation within that society.

Culture too changes with time. The society that developed the culture is continuously being exposed to new experiences. Further, the society or group is not a fixed body of people. New generations are being brought into it and some new members from other cultures are being assimilated. With the increased mobility of persons, flow of information and young person’s joining the group; cultures expand, dilute, subdivide and change.

The changes in culture are however not rapid and never drastic. The changes reflect the move from old ideas to the new and also acceptance of ground realities brought in by environmental or generational changes. Therefore changes can only be gradual.

The word culture or the concept itself is flexible and can be stretched to cover different types of aggregation. When we speak of Eastern culture it includes vast world stretching from Egypt and Russia to India and Indonesia. It is perfectly legitimate for us to take up study of subcultures of this Eastern culture like the Russian culture or Indian culture. A combination group or cross-culture group like “Indian immigrants” can also be recognized and studied, as long as the group is of adequate size and importance as body of consumers.

We have already defined that culture is an aggregate of beliefs, attitudes etc. culture can be viewed as a “blessing” and a preserve of values, heritage, arts and good behavior. It can also be a “baggage” when we consider that it transmits some irrational and out-of-date attitudes included in it as custom.

The main vehicles of culture are the family and the religious institutions where the individual is “taught” much of the ideas, beliefs etc., that from the culture. This teaching is reinforced as moderated by two other vehicles namely the educational institution and the mass media.

Characteristics of Culture:

• Culture is invented: It cannot be viewed as something that just “exists” and waiting to be discovered. People are responsible for inventing their culture and this invention consists of three interdependent components:

1. Ideological component refers to ideas, beliefs, values, and approaches to defining what is right and wrong, or desirable and undesirable.

2. Technological component is concerned with the skill, arts, and crafts that provide human with the means to produce goods by using what is available to them in their environment.

3. Consumer component enables humans to live in the family systems and market it possible to coordinate their behavior effectively with others actions.

• Culture is leaned: It is not like biological features or instinctive. The process of learning cultural blues begins early in life largely through social interactions among families, friends, in settings in such as educational and religious institutions; growing children are firmly indoctrinated with ways of behaving, thinking and feeling. Some of the core cultural values that have been passed down through generations in India are belief in god, respecting elders, husband domination, being polite to ladies, accepting arranged marriage, viewing marriage as a union between two families and living in joint families etc.

• Culture is Shared by a firmly large group of human beings living in organized societies and...
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