Culture and Conflict

Topics: Culture, Caribbean, Value Pages: 3 (540 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Delanique Millwood
Michael Herman
Literature in a Global Context
January 29, 2013

Cultural Conflict
Cultural conflict is known to me as disagreements
between beliefs and values. Conflict itself is caused by disagreements, which makes the
phrase “cultural conflict “self explanatory. Growing up, I have read and heard about
many different cultures and their values and morals. As A child, I would often think that
anything that is different is considered wrong. However, I’ve learned to take into
consideration that every culture has different views and that my culture is considered
wrong by people from a different culture. With that said, I want to write about my culture
to see what you, the read, think about our morals and values.
I am from an Island in the West Indies called Jamaica.
In Jamaica, our culture is originated from parts of Africa, mostly West Africa. However, our
cultural are somewhat different. Anyways, In Jamaica the basic family structure is known as to
consist of a father, a mother and child/children where the father is the bread winner, while the
mother stays home and do the cleaning, cooking and also taking care of the child/children.
Time after time I my grandmother who is very old
school would tell stories about how she had to take care of nine children and also cook and clean
every day. The stories she told were unbelievable and depressing because I feared having to deal
with raising five to nine children and also have to be cleaning and cooking daily. But then the
concept of that cultural started to change over the years. Women started to work in fields where
only men were allowed, children started to attend daycare during the days, and cooking were
done occasionally. Seeing that my grandmother is used to the old fashion lifestyle, she argued
that what is happening now is wrong and disagreed with just about...
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