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Tradition is an act, an activity, a feeling, or a way of thinking that has been forced into existence by repetition; without a strong effort towards repetition tradition cannot exist. Tradition is not something that arrives free of creation; tradition must be molded and formed in order to hold its form. If tradition is not pressed hard enough, or not enough effort is put into the creation of tradition, that tradition will quickly crumble. The act of continuous and conscious repetition is what molds tradition and makes traditions force so strong; if not enough repetition occurs tradition will soon begin to fade. Most traditions are very weak and, while taking generations to be created, can be destroyed very quickly when repetition is lost. The effort required for creation of a tradition is enormous in comparison to the miniscule effort necessary for destruction of the same tradition. Destruction of a tradition is so simple because all that is necessary is lose of tradition’s vital repetition. Repetition is the heartbeat of tradition; beats must occur in uniformed rhythm in order to function properly, and when too many beats are skipped tradition passes away. For tradition to survive in family, cultu

.... Spontaneous to deliberate tradition- requires powers of critical intelligence to keep the force of tradition in tact and determine which ends traditions shall .... (1113 4 )
.... World. The first is the nature of social structures shaped by the force of tradition and the impact of colonialism. Every region .... (1121 4 ) global studies
.... The sixth is the Revolutionary concept of Tradition which is a new and different look at tradition as an explosive force. Tradition .... (3769 15 )
The Power of Tradition
.... a duality in its symbolism, as a source of strength and a force of destruction .... she also struggles in being true to the...
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