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Chinese Culture Preservation in Singapore

When walking through the Chinatown, people can easily see the red decorations like Chinese knots and paper-cut for window decoration. When meandering on the street during Spring Festival, the Lion Dances are also performed in front of some shopping center attractively. All these things make us feel the strong Chinese cultural atmosphere. Although being thousands miles away from China, Chinese culture is still preserved well in Singapore. To preserve and pass on the excellent concepts, customs and culture achievements, along with holding the distinguished Chinese characteristics and finally making Chinese culture be an indispensable part in the Singapore culture , many things have been done and still being done gradually by the government, organizations, the media and families. During the process of preserving and carrying forward the Chinese culture, the government plays an initial role. In order to pass on the language and promote a better communication among Chinese Singaporean, the government launched the “Speak Mandarin Campaign” in 1980s, which aimed to make Mandarin a lingua franca among the Chinese. Moreover, this campaign also has a great significance in unifying the Chinese since many discrete dialect groups were there in Singapore (Leong, 2011). Meanwhile, the government set the Chinese New Year as one of the public holidays. Therefore, the Chinese Singaporean still can celebrate their festival and spend the two holidays to do traditional activities with family or organizations. Due to the efforts put in by the government, the Chinese find the further way to inherit and develop the culture. Subsequently, schools and organizations do a lot as strengtheners. Schools, especially the Chinese High School, offer the Mandarin courses, Chinese history as well as Chinese literature classes to teach students Chinese language, language and assimilate cultural achievements, which is an intentionally way to pass on...
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