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Michael Salter
8 January 2013
Grantham University

Abstract: What if you was in the Military and you was the boss in your section and you gotten a Muslim in your section that don’t understand nothing that goes on in your section, so the first sergeant tell you that you would have to sit down with him and explain everything to him/her would you be able to do it, you should that what you in the military for to meet different people and to learn their culture.

The first time I experience different culture when I meet a Muslim and when I went to panama, it was so embarrassing, I didn’t understand the Muslim because one day we all went out to eat and I order some pork chop and he look at me like you goanna eat that pig and I said yes, this what I like and he told me that Muslim don’t eat pork because of some type of religion and he wasn’t goanna stay in the military long because of his religion and I said good do that get out but this is the best job you can ever have because you get to travel and meet different people and eat different food from what United State have. Also he got out of the military because he don’t like taking order from no one but the Muslim people and wearing the clothes that they wear which is suits all the time, hot weather, cold weather or what type of weather nothing but suits, and when it’s hot like 90 degree they in a suit selling things at a red light burning up in that suit, wow, I couldn’t do it and they have those meeting every day for about hours and hours at a time. And when I use to be a correction officer I notice that they all ways want to eat early in the morning before the sun come up and pray or bow to their god on a rug every month.

Panama, I went there like 15 years ago with the national guard and I see some weird stuff go on over their like the roof on their houses, most of them don’t have roofs but they still sleep in their house even when it rain, they said that they get some...
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