Culturally Responsive Lesson Plans

Topics: Respect, Bread, Culture Pages: 9 (2888 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Global Lesson Plan
Letty Gutiérrez
TESOL/507 School, Community, and Family Culture
2 February 2013
Michelle Barker

In this paper, there are two lessons that show the importance of cultural sensitivity. Students will learn the importance of character education and Social Studies in a local and global setting so they may be better people now and in the future. Learning these lessons early on in a safe school community will better prepare them for their journey into the global scene as positive and productive citizens. Starting out with lesson on respect, stereotypes and cultural awareness is a good start to preparing children. These lessons should be ongoing as possible in the classroom all year long. Lesson Plans

Plan: #1 Cultural Understanding Created by (Adapted From): Leticia Gutiérrez Grade Level & Class Type: 1 Bilingual Class.
Global Perspective Principles: 1,2,4
Content Areas: Social Studies & Character Education (Teaching Respect & understanding of other cultures.) The lesson objectives with Illinois Standard Benchmarks:
1. IL Standard for Social Studies:
-S will understand that all people need to be respected even if they are different from us. (18.B. Understand the roles and interactions of individuals and groups in society.) 2. IL Standards for Reading:

-S will learn new vocabulary words. (1.A.1a: Apply word analysis skills (e.g., phonics, word patterns) to recognize new words.) -S will listen to the story read by T. (4.A.1a: Listen attentively by facing the speaker, making eye contact and paraphrasing what is said.) -S will be able to respond to questions to improve comprehension. (4.A.1b: Ask questions and respond to questions from the teacher and from group members to improve comprehension.) Time Frame Allotted: 40-60 minutes.

* “Clifford the Big Red Dog” by: Norman Bridwell (Scholastic). * Reference this Source/Site: Teaching with Clifford at Look for the tab: “Have Respect” By Norman Bridwell * Tables with bread in baskets from various countries, pictures of their national flags, pictures of their art, and a map of the countries. * A sheet with smiley faces to log names at each station. * Writing journals

* Pencils
* Markers
* Large lined note pad of paper
Content Objectives: The main content objective of this lesson is to teach children the value of respect for others through reading, language, and activities that share the uniqueness of cultural diversity. The following activity nurtures these essential skills: social and emotional skills, language and literacy skills, and tolerance and diversity skills. Language Objectives: My students will be taught to use language that helps them learn the academic content. This language will be used to perform classroom tasks. In the end, I will assess my students to see if they have met the instructional objectives. Motivation: I will address motivation and diverse learning by incorporating: learning styles, multiple intelligences, grouping, and multicultural strategies. -Learning Styles: (Auditory-Tactile/Kinesthetic-Visual)

Auditory: S will listen to the teacher read “Clifford the Big Red Dog”. S will preread the vocabulary word “respect” being studied before the story, and during the story S will be asked to point the word out.

Visual: S will use the pictures in the book, and look at the vocabulary word written on the lined paper. S will look at pictures at the activity to connect the breads and the countries. Tactile/Kinesthetic: S will write their name on the data logs at each station they will also walk around and taste different breads. -Multiple Intelligences: (Visual/Spatial-Logical/Mathematical-Verbal/Linguistic-Musical- Interpersonal-Intrapersonal-Naturalistic- Bodily/Kinesthetic) Visual/Linguistic: S will listen to the story read by the T. Visual/Spatial: S will see the...
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