Cultural Views on Health

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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Cultural Views on Health
Lisa Foster
HCA 230
September 18, 2011
Kelly Bryant

Cultural Views on Health
Health can mean different things to people of other cultures throughout the world. When it comes down to one’s health there is not any difference. The part of the world people come from makes no difference, because there are still similarities when it comes to physical, mental, social and religion aspects. Health pertains to how an individual feels and the surroundings they come from and others they share it with. A person’s morals are made up of the area around them, thus making them the individual they are. Also this does not make a difference just because of where they are raised. “All cultures have an outlook of health which is different from another’s” (Capdevila, 2006). One’s education or experience can influence the medical care they obtain. There are cultures that trust in the universal remedy. These cultures tend to their people using such routines without going to a physician’s office for care. A person’s choice to get care can be influenced by their tradition, social, and trust in the treatment. An example of this would be, in China they use herbal and homeopathic treatments on the patients. These cures have been performed for many years and are still being handed down from one generation to the next. Asian Americans have confidence in plants and their medicinal abilities. The new trend in American traditions of healthiness and harmony amidst the mind, body, and spirit also has its core in Chinese culture. American cultures are looking towards healing within the modern procedures of medicine and in technology. It has been said that we care for the ailment and not the patient, because without them we have no illness to treat. Many people feel that the herbal method is helpful, while others do not feel the same way. Some individuals think this should not be depended on since different people have other ways to supply care when it...
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