Cultural Understanding on the Movie Example “Bend It Like Beckham”

Topics: Culture, Intercultural competence, American football Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: May 26, 2011
Report for Cultural Understanding

The main aim of this report is to describe, analyze and understand Indian culture and integration Indians with British culture in a connection to movie: “Bend it like Beckham”. The aim is also to assign every character to stage of intercultural sensitivity and define what kind of cultural development is possible for each of them.

Jess: In my opinion she is on the fifth level of intercultural learning, she adapts to the british culture, she knows it and totally accept it, e.g. she can greet in her language, she wears traditional dress during the engagement and the wedding, she knows that she suppose to have Indian husband, that she should not show her legs and the scar in front of the man. She tries to live like “normal” teenager from Europe, but she respects all the traditions of her family. She has got problem with learning how to cook traditional meals and when she was younger she often ate been on toast, which is common in UK. She likes british culture more, because it gives her more freedom, her idol is Beckham, she loves playing football, she would like to be independent to make her own choices in such easy issues like choosing shoes or outfit for the wedding. She would like to choose if she can play football or not. Her mum does not want her to play but she shows her resistance even though she should not , because in her mum’s opinion, it is spoiled behavior. She does not like to lie and she feels bad with that but she does not tell the truth because she has high respect to the elders. I can predict that in the future, of course if she stay in the UK, she will be totally integrated with the british culture.

She is on the first level of intercultural learning. She does not like british culture, for her it is like pure evil. She does not want her children to integrate with the European culture. When they are complaining and Jess wants to choose the dress by herself for her sister’s wedding or...
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