Cultural Tourism

Topics: Tourism, Archaeology, Cultural tourism Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The following were the difference between cultural tourism and the nature tourism, they are differ in various perspective as follows Nature tourism involve mainly the visits of tourists to natural localities or areas related to the natural tourist attraction such natural localities includes National parks, mountains, bird watching, photography, stargazing, camping, hiking, hunting, while Cultural tourism primary focuses on the movements of persons to cultural attractions away from their normal places of residence with the intention to gather new information and experience to satisfy their cultural needs. The cultural attraction including performing arts, tradition and life styles, Archaeological sites, Arts and Hand crafts, cultural festivals, special events, Entertainment etc In cultural tourism all features are made by human being or man-made tourist attraction while the nature tourism the features occurred naturally without the influence of a human being such natural features including landscape and landforms, beaches and marine, climate, water bodies etc. Cultural tourism helps to protect and preserve cultural resources and it stimulated local communities to conserve the heritage in order to continually attract visitors while the nature tourism did not involve in the preservation of thee cultural resources initiated by cultural tourism. In summing up, cultural tourism is a double-edged sword their challenges and benefits as well as nature tourism., in the case of nature tourism draw attention to the tourist with the shadow of natural localities or areas such destination includes National parks, mountains, plants and animals, beaches and marine areas,climate,landscape and landforms, scenic beauty, as well as water bodies, also in the case cultural tourism as well draw the attention towards the people through the cultural tourist attraction as the features that have been made by Human being such Cultural features include performing arts ,Tradition and life...
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