Cultural Tourism

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Tourism is an economic activity of global importance. It is the temporary movement of people from one place to another mainly for pleasure. It is a rapidly growing industry which provides employment opportunities to millions of people, generates foreign exchange and promotes balanced regional development and revives the art and culture. It is one of the biggest industries in the world. Tourism is not a single industry, but a group of industries work together and complementary to each other. India is a country blessed with a 5000 year old civilization, enriched with plenty of natural resources and coupled with geographical and cultural diversity. Visiting India is an enthrilling and everlasting experience to one and all. It is a place of tourist's paradise showing all unique features of traditional hospitality and modernity. The rich cultural heritage of the country attracts the attention of thousands of tourists. Kerala is famed as 'God's Own Country' and the state is blessed with plenty of natural resources for tourism development such as beautiful hill stations, dense forests, lakes, waterfalls, back waters, lagoons, rivers, beaches etc. The state has a pleasant climate, friendly and literate people, exotic wild life, monuments, colorful fares and festivals, hundred years of cultural heritage, spectacular art forms, handicrafts, architecture etc. attract the attention of tourists. The tourism products of Kerala are capable of satisfying the desire and wants of all type of tourists from all over the world. Tourism in Kerala is identified as a major industry and therefore promoted by the government with high interest due to its greater efficiency to generate employment opportunities. Kerala tourism is growing at a faster rate than Indian Tourism and World Tourism at present Cultural Tourism is gaining more attention of tourists in the present time. It is a usual practice that...
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