Cultural Tolerance

Topics: Culture, Anthropology, The Culture Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Tolerance of Cultures in New York

What is cultural tolerance? A formal definition would include something along the lines of “A disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior, no matter what the color or creed.” However, I believe it is much more then a simple definition. I believe it’s cultural diffusion, something much more then just tolerance. Not only is it just tolerating someone, or a group. It involves working with them, and holding and learning so much history. This term is practiced daily in New York especially the Queens area, which is by far the most culturally diverse area in the nation. New York is such a great place to look at Cultural Tolerance because it is one of the oldest sites where everyone comes through. For instance Ellis Island was an area where many different immigrants came through. Also Governors Island has an everlasting legacy of tolerance, which states it is part of American Liberty. You don’t have to know the history of New York to know the meaning of this term. Cultural Tolerance is seen every day and everywhere in New York. The first thing that a person notices is how many different people from everywhere are accumulated in such a small area. However, no one looks at each other as if they were superior. Everyone has a specific job that they must carry, going from point A to B, working together to accomplish the same goals that various people might have. Digging further into New York you can see how many different areas are inhabited by various groups of cultures. In one section of New York, you can see the entire Latino culture, where just a couple blocks down would be an entire Asian neighborhood. This explains how everyone is just so accustomed to different ideas and different people that its socially acceptable now. The Museum of Tolerance does a great job in acquiring so much history about different cultures and stock piling it into just one facility to show how...
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