Cultural Synergy

Topics: Management, Corporation, Human rights Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: November 26, 2011
Cultural Synergy Solution
Connecting people has always been a common goal in society. Over a few decades, the world is more open, and distances have been shortened; multi-cultural corporations and international strategic partnerships have become the scheme for any size businesses. Whether we are managing or partnering, a common ground of input will always create a stronger bond and trustworthiness in business relationships. Conflicts often arise from misunderstanding viewpoints and recognition of contribution from the community. Vietnam and USA have been trading since the early 90’ and in fact, many subsidiary organizations in Vietnam are managed by Americans. However, Asia and Western culture do not share common values. For this reason, conflicts arise in the workplace environment. For instance, Vietnamese people tend to mix business with pleasure and engage in personal life while Americans separate professional and personal life. Immediately, we can see a disconnection among people in the organization. There is a very distinct aspect of collaboration in an organization, and it is usually found between the management level and employees. Vietnamese like to create a bond with their colleague and manager as part of building a team. This generally helps managers understand more about their employees and through this; employees will know what to expect and use the information as a management reference. Often times, we have a small party where employees gather together to talked about work, problem, and sometime personal issue. On the other hand, American managers tend to have a private life and usually never have frequent participation in the work team. This difference leads to misunderstandings and people don’t collaborate well.  I usually call this “the man” in you. What I mean by this is that we need to go out and open ourselves to other perceptions, thoughts, and putting yourself into one’s shoe. You have to be able to lie to yourself in order to archive the...
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