Cultural Study on an Esol Population: Cuba

Topics: Cuba, Fidel Castro, Spanish language Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: April 15, 2012
The culture study of an ESOL population; CUBA

The Cuban population is mostly predominant in Miami, 77% of the Cuban immigrants live in Florida, from Key West Cuba is ninety miles away a not. The island of Cuba is part of the Caribbean its capital is Havana and the second largest city is Santiago. The history of Cuba started with Columbus discovery in 1492 to a Spanish colony then an American colony and at the end the Castro revolution which defeated the dictatorship of Batista in January 1959. Since then the Cubans are fleeing the dictatorship of Fidel Castro and his communist regime. Spanish is the exclusive language in Cuba. The Cuban demography consists of Europeans from Spain, slaves and Chinese descendants. The Cubans are very friendly they tend to address people with micorazo(my heart) mi vidal(my life)or carino(dear), these terms of endearment are very common. The typical Cuban family is a close nest often the grandparents are living members of the family. They contribute a lot on the grandchildren upbringing. The importance of the non nuclear family can be noticed in the compadres (godparents) significant role; quasi parental relationship. Family relations are reinforced through frequent celebrations and social gatherings,including birthdays, baptisms, weddings, graduations and holidays. Good food is at the center of most celebrations. Cooking traditional meals is regarded as important to the family. Love among family members is often expressed through the act of cooking and, particularly, through the preparation of meals from scratch, with spices and fresh ingredients. All these traditions are passé on from one generation to the next. Here are some examples of Cuban dishes: -tamales are made of corn dough with meat or cheese

- ropa vieja made with meat , garbanzo beans and potatoes.
- croquetas are cuban version of the French croquette
The family use to be patriarchal but today with the women economic contribution in the household the gender...
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