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Cultural Study in Marketing

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Cultural Study in Marketing

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  • October 2010
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Culture study in international marketing: a critical review and suggestions for future research Attila Yaprak
School of Business Administration, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA Abstract
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present a critical review of culture study streams in international marketing and offer suggestions for future development. Design/methodology/approach – A comprehensive review of earlier and current approaches to culture study in international marketing is offered. Shortcomings of earlier studies are highlighted and suggestions for remedies are presented. Future research suggestions are also offered. Findings – Five streams of earlier studies and their shortcomings are presented, along with four avenues for future research. Practical implications – More sharply framed culture study will lead to a deeper understanding of culture’s role in targeting, segmentation, and positioning and strategy formulation by scholars and managers of international marketing. Originality/value – The paper integrates a large body of research in an important research area in international marketing and offers future research directions. Keywords Cultural studies, International marketing, Marketing Paper type Literature review

Culture study in international marketing 215

Introduction Ever since Hall’s (1960), introduction of culture as the silent language in overseas business, the study of culture, often defined broadly as national culture, has fascinated scholars and managers of international business for four decades. The contributions of the earlier pioneers of culture study in business, Lee (1966) and Hall (1970) among them, cast environmental analysis into international business as an essential ingredient in understanding and analyzing foreign markets. But extensive culture study in international business research and practice...

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