Cultural Similarities

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  • Published : April 7, 2008
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The United States, once known as a homogeneous melting pot of culture and ethnic diversity, has now become more of a “tossed salad” with like parts sticking together. Over time, we have found ways to accommodate our diverse lifestyles without causing social tension or strain. David Brooks’ article “People Like Us” and “Family Ties and Entanglements of Caste” by Joseph Berger both illustrate how even today people are self sorting by race, religious beliefs and other factors. Whether it be for comfort and acceptance or maintaining tradition, cultural separatism has become an American way of living in this multiethnic country.

In the mind of David Brooks, the United States isn’t as diverse as advertised if you read the fine print. For decades now we have been sorting ourselves into familiarity and likeness. Everything is starting to look the same and separate groups have each developed their own unique “taste” in living environments. But people aren’t complaining, however, they are simply finding comfort and happiness with their own kind. Is this wrong? Often when thinking of the word “diversity” one would like to picture people of different ethnic, religious and professional background all living in the same environment in closed quarters. If you look at the United States as a whole there is a lot going on in regards to each of these levels. Although in Brooks’ opinion “race and ethnicity run deep in American society” it seems no one is ready to build a truly diverse community. It has gotten to the point on our country where retail companies have been able to conduct surveys by geographic area to determine what products will sell based on the sorted environments people have placed themselves in. We would all like to think we are contributing to this diverse and equal society we live in but instead we are further developing the social boundaries we create. These walls still exist and do not appear to be crumbling any time soon.

Even in our society...
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