Cultural Shock

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Cultural Shock experience
Cultural Shock experience

Topic: the dictatorship generates poverty in Cuba.

So in first of all, I choose this topic because I’ve already been in Cuba and when I was there I had saw a lot of differences from that culture to my culture, not even in the politic aspects but in a lot of aspects, like the people, the cities and in the way they thinking, it’s all started in the same problem but in the development of the times the people started to make some decision and have some attitudes that makes the country of nowadays. I was there at ten years ago, but I still remember all of the strange thinks that I’ve saw there, started in the cities, I have been in the most recognized cities of the country, Varadero, a touristic city, were you have two extremes in a high scale, the luxury of the five stars hotels, and the houses of the people’s that works in the hotel and the taxi drivers, and the other city was the capital, Havana, which it’s a very beautiful city but it have more a less the same problem, you have the touristic area which its very beautiful with some museums, rum houses, cigars house, some restaurants and hotels, and you have the part of the houses of the people, the worst part of the city, which it’s very poor area. Another big cultural shock that I notice was the life of the child’s, when I come out of the hotel just to take a walk with my father I saw a lot of child´s playing football with a ball made of rags and without shoes, playing in the dirt, for me it was a quite difficult to understand why they are playing in that way, but my father try to explain me that, said to me something like: “that’s the way they have to make it” it was difficult to understand, but I understand what we try to tell me with that words and I asked him if we could buy a football ball and some pairs of shoes to that child’s, and my father told me yes, and in the next day we had buy two balls and ten pairs of shoes, and in the return of the hotel...
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