Cultural Revolution

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Cultural Revolution

Of the many famous revolutions, one of them is the Cultural Revolution in China. The Cultural Revolution created problems rather than solving them due to the lack of good leadership, respectable organization and a settled goal. This revolution took place from August 1966 to 1976 –the year Mao died- and attacks took place by "The Red Guards" against the educated in order to bring the poor people on a higher level. There were many obstacles such as The Gang of Four (four Chinese Communist party officials, who did Mao’s dirty work, and as soon as their removal took place, Mao’s party became weak), along with many other campaigns against the idea and Mao’s stroke -in 1972- according to “San Jose State University Department of Economics”. The ridiculous 10s of thousands of people dead is what made the object of the revolution weak.

Mao Zedong was considered the main revolutionist / leader of the revolution, however he was very vicious, inconsiderate and didn’t have a back-up plan. According to “about”, Mao at one point was fighting over power instead of developing the revolution. Due to the lack of good leadership and the people of his party, as soon as one important member named Liu Shao-chi was taken out, Mao decided (or was bound) to end the revolution according to “Idaho- Human rights”. In 1977 there was also the death of Mao which contributed to the revolution in a bad way because it only left Mao’s wife Jiang Qing and the Gang of Four to lead the revolution and fortunately but unfortunately the revolution was brought to an end. This caused more problems since Mao was either unaware of, or not considering the consequences that were taking place in order to create an egalitarian society.

Mao Zedong’s revolution was scattered in the sense that there was too much killing. Anyone that opposed his party and encouraged or led any campaign that went against his idea -of a classless society- was killed. At one point Mao clashes with his...
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