Cultural Pluarlism in Us.

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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1. What mistakes did Novedad and the Steering Committee make in the initial development of the protocols and documentation and the early implementation stage? a. After reading this case it became apparent that Novedad and the Committee had the right mindset and were adamant on providing client focus, adhering to the quality system and fast response. Beyond that there seems to be some mistakes that were made in the process.

The requirements by the Fortune 500 Company they were working with didn’t require a registration under ISO. This is the first big mistake I believe they made. The standards related to TQM and the benefits that they ensure are something that can help an organization meet the needs of the customers, which they eventually had a problem with.

2. What were the early indications that the system was not working as planned, and why were they ignored? Why weren’t improvement efforts more effective? b. Early indication would have started when Megaproducts Incorporated missed an important scheduled launch date because of a miscommunication and a faulty ad copy that was sent to the printer before revisions were added. This is something that cannot happen, especially with so much on the line. It states that if only the DAA protocols had been followed and the quality checks had been performed then this could have been avoided.

There seems to be a disconnect between the quality managers and the supervisors and regular managers to the point that the element in their department, that the quality depends on were not being adhered to. Based on the time factor it seems that they were in over there heads and the managers, while not wanting to look inadequate just, for lack of a better word, “went with the flow.”

3. Now that Novedad and Steering Committee have received their wake up call, what steps should be taken to revise and implements an improved, workable quality management system? c. I believe that the company is on...
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