Cultural Influences on Organizations: the Differences

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  • Published : July 15, 2008
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Cultural factors have effects on business organization. There are various cultural factors which affect these organizations. These factors have various influences to the organizations depending on the country in which the organization is located. Chinese organizations differ with the United States organization, because of difference in culture. This paper has discussed the organizations in both the United States and in China, thus highlighting the differences, and the causes of these differences in terms of culture. When we talk of cultural influence of organization in any country, we consider the country’s weather, area, environment, history, geographical location among others. The United States and China, are two different countries in different states, thus there is a difference in their business organizations, as a result of cultural influences. The United States is the third largest country in the world, located North America between Mexico and Canada geographically, and it is between 3800° N and 9700° W. The United States has a long coastline of about 19,924 Kilometers. This has enabled a better business organizations in the country and especially being bordered by Canada and Mexico have been engaging in both domestic and foreign marketing of their goods and services. In China, there are traditions and customs which are not constant and they vary with towns, cities and provinces. China has many cities and provinces, which were formed based on the various ethnic groups which exist in the country. The ethnicity has lowered the business organizations, unlike the United States, where their states have few groups and the majority having a similar primary ancestry. This has made the United States to be better placed in business organizations compared to China. When we generally talk of culture affecting business, the influence involves a lot. Some of the cultural factors may seem small, but they contribute a lot to the business organization in terms of management, decisions and business performance . Despite how much that an individual want to involve many factors which related to culture in business tends to draw him or her back. To give examples and a better explanation of this, I am going to discuss the various factors necessary in business, and whose application is limited due to culture.

Communication, which is a way of passing information from one person to another including gestures or verbally, is one of these factors. A country’s culture can limit its application in business especially where a country’s culture does not allow various people to communicate, when interpreting peoples behavior, can limit one in business practice and performance. The culture can have limits on the capacity at which one can engage and operate a business on conditions that it can not freely enable one to take risks in business, a factor which is necessary in business . The culture restricts people into its made condition rules, belief customs and reactions. The ethic, traveling habits as well as the level of Aggressiveness means a lot in business, and these are among the many factors that have to be considered in relation to culture and business operations to enhance better business organizations and practices.

The United State area is approximately 9,629,091 km2 and it’s bigger than China, thus giving a higher population to involve in business organizations compared to China. United States have a lower population compared to China, and it ranks the third populated country. The country has a lot in natural resources, and its in the country where we find phosphate, bauxite, gold, iron, nickel, silver, tungsten, mercury timber, petroleum and natural gases among others with these many natural resources, the country is usually involved with manufacturing and processing industries, thus raising the country’s economy. The country has a terrain, that varies with the region and for this case, the west of the country is mountainous the East...
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