Cultural Influence on International Businesses

Topics: Globalization, Culture, Management Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: June 1, 2008
Running head: Cultural Influence on International Businesses

Touro University International
Wendell K. Speegle
MGT 501
Module One: The Nature of Organizations and the Contemporary Environment Dr. Donna DiMatteo

Culture will play a major part in the dynamics of the way we operated in international business circles. Managers today will need special skills in order to meet these challenges. Language differences, culture awareness, and management skills are necessary for success. These challenges often lead to a debate in which is better for a company, expatriate or foreign national workers. There are pros and cons to the use of each, but it will depend on several factors to which managers will be better suited for the challenge of dealing with cultural differences. Business accomplishments in the future will depend greatly on the ability of managers to meet the challenges of culture and its impact on international commerce.

Today’s business world is becoming ever closer as the world almost seems to have shrunk overnight. Successful organizations competing in the global economy are faced with a new set of challenges. The pace of business has quickened with the introduction of the World Wide Web and the evolution of computer technology. This would seem to make the way we do business easier, and it can, if we identify and overcome some of the unique challenges of different cultures and its relation to competing in current world markets. Specific problems that arise today are language differences, understanding the culture, and specific managerial skills for dealing with different cultures. Cultural differences can be extremely detrimental to any business overseas if not handled properly. Language is the major hurdle in conducting business overseas. Although English is now becoming more increasingly used through the international business community we cannot always count on business clients using this language. It is estimated that only seven...
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