Cultural Identity Paper

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Different Attitudes on Cultural Identity
Cultural Identity is a person's background and also how you can refer to a person. A person's culture is usually what they are from, what language they speak and their religion. Alice Walker and Sandra Cisneros both have similar attitudes towards the idea that one should never forget ones cultural identity, no matter the circumstances. They both believe that one's cultural identity is exceedingly important. In Walker's work "Without Commercials", Walker brings across a tone of frustration. This frustration is coming from the fact that she does not believe that one should have to change oneself to be able to fit in or be accepted. In Cisneros's work "No Speak English", Cisneros brings across a tone of sympathy. This sympathetic tone is formed with Mamacita in mind because of the pressure she is under from her husband who is trying to make her learn English. Cisneros believes that she shouldn't have to learn English so she can stay connected with her culture. Both of their attitudes toward cultural identity are that they believe that one's cultural roots and background are very important.

Alice Walker uses simple sentences, allusions, and ________ to bring out her attitude of frustration toward the idea that people try to change themselves to fit in or be accepted. Walker starts off her poem with a simple imperative sentence: "Listen,/ stop tanning yourself" (lines 1-2). The simple imperative sentence being used by the author indicates that she wants the catch the reader's attention. An imperative sentence gives a direct command. Walker begins her poem frustrated already with the people who change themselves to be able to fit in or be accepted. She is telling them to stop changing themselves. She believes that people don't have to change to fit in or be accepted. This frustration brings out her attitude toward the acceptance of one's cultural identity. Walker compares all people to Adam and Eve:

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