Cultural Heritage Assessment

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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Culture is defined as the behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, and other types of human works. Cultural heritage is a key factor in the social, economic, and health promotion of people. Different cultures have different beliefs and values. They have different perceptions on health and illness. By assessing a patient’s cultural heritage, healthcare providers can provide more meaningful care to their patients. By using the heritage assessment tool, healthcare providers can evaluate a patient’s heritage and become more in touch with their physical, mental, and spiritual beliefs. Healthcare providers need to understand their own cultural practices in order to relate to their patients. A person’s cultural background, religion, and /or beliefs, greatly influences a person’s health and their response to medical care (Spector, 2004). This paper will compare the differences between American, Mexican, and Chinese heritage. It will address health maintenance, health protection, and health restoration. Health maintenance can be defined as a systematic approach planned to prevent illness, maintain maximum function, and promote health. Health protection explains how people maintain their health on a daily basis. Health restoration is restoring one’s health to their maximum levels. The first family interviewed for this paper is my own. My family is of American heritage. My family growing up consisted of five sisters, three brothers, my mom, stepdad, and myself. My brothers, sisters, and I grew up in an urban neighborhood and went to public schools. Our religion is Lutheran and we go to church on important holidays. My brothers, sisters, and I are very close and we try to talk at least once a week. I have many aunts, uncles, and cousins and don’t talk to them as often as I should. As we grow older and our lives become so busy, it’s not always easy to keep in touch. My parents and grandparents were all born and raised in the United States. I am now married with one daughter. My...
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