Cultural Heritage

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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I feel as though I have a few different cultural identities that I value and identify with. Everyone has a culture that that they are a part of and most often there is more than one culture to which we belong. The experience we gain from associating with these different cultures help shape us into the individuals that we are. Every aspect of our present has been greatly influenced by our past experiences and environment we were associated with. The two main cultural identities that I feel I identify with the most consist of being an athlete and being a part of a wrestling team and also being raised in a middle class household.

There are many different rituals that I practice on an everyday basis because of the simple fact that one of my cultural identities is being an athlete and collegiate wrestler. Some of these different rituals consist of eating healthy and following a diet plan during season, and also following a strict practice schedule daily. These two rituals are rituals that are followed by thousands of collegiate wrestlers around the country. Since I also identify with being raised in a middle class household, some rituals I have become accustomed with consist of being family oriented and having a full formal education. I come from a very family oriented family, my entire family gathers for almost all holidays. Being family oriented is a very important value that my parents have emphasized while raising me. Being raised in a middle class household has given me the privilege and opportunity to a full formal education. The ritual of attending class on a daily basis is a ritual that I started when I was five years old.

There are many different language terms that I use while identifying with my Wrestling team. There are many phrases and forms of slang that would make no sense to the normal person, but another wrestler would easily understand. A common slang phrase used is the phrase, “I packed him up”. If someone asked you how you did in your match...
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