Cultural Globalization in the Context of International Business

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Cultural Globalization in the Context
of International Business


Beyond locating meanings of globalization, and their connection to those of culture and cultural environment of international affairs, in this paper we propose to analyze the significance of this connection as the main motivation for research. Initially, the primary theory of international economic relations has denied aspects of the influence of culture in profit in the international trade. Classical doctrine of international trade theory based on Ricardo explain on a purely commercial gain related strictly to the traditional factors of production. Subsequently, globalization has changed the equation by introducing new variables in international trade. In the current stage of development, companies are increasingly global, while the consumer remains or cultural features distinguishing it emphasizes the international market. The essential question here goes: How do we do global sell to an individual consumer? What role do knowledge and respecting individual cultural or national? The answer is based on the special attention paid to the local consumers of products and services according to the particular consumer experience.

Keywords: global culture, international business, cultural homogenization. JEL classification: F59, M16

1. Defining Globalization
To explain and analyze the latest developments in international business, essential if one is to define the concept of globalization. According to the literature -Globalization is the present state of international affairs and was generalized at the conceptual and terminological ' 60 years (Waters, 1995), the popularity in recent years, being found equally in various types of speech, not only in the economic or trade.Sources can be found in time - global, meaning the "spread throughout the world," an adjective whose use is linked to the beginnings of European colonial expansion, which took place in the sixteenth century. Globalization process that, as a term, it covers the conceptual is therefore much older than the concept that has been attached.

Significance of this period are found in geographical and political or economic level. In fact, the geographical expansion of the colonial phenomenon 1

Monica COJOCARU, Universitatea din Craiova, Facultatea de Economie şi Administrarea

Afacerilor, Email:
Review of International Comparative Management

Volume 12, Issue 5, December 2011 993

has gone along with economic consequences. Later, due to technological developments, the time, but especially the area have lost their significance.This was due to technical progress, namely information technology, in which space is no longer a variable, and with this time as a mitigating factor loses significance. Becomes truly global terms new meanings in the modern period, even in the context of the technological developments through the phrase "global village", which indicates that because of electronic means of communication, contact between individuals know the same speed and efficiency with which it is occur in small rural communities.

The globalization appears when the companies, the regions, the nations and the continents are in the permanent competition in the attraction of investments, the thing that depends in a great measure on the conditions which influence the competition in the businesses (Constantinescu, 2008).

The term globalization - in its procedural meaning today - suggests that the phenomenon of evolutionary transition to a new stage of contemporary society in terms of the economic system, socio-political or cultural. If "Global" is a static term, "globalization" is a term that expression of a dynamically evolving phenomenon.

We believe that the distinction to be made at this point is between "globalization" as a process that evolutionary phenomenon, and "globalism" - the result of globalization in the socio-cultural.
Differences arising...
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