Cultural Globalization and Media

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Jessica Fong
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Tuesday 4pmEssay #3 Impact of Cultural Globalization

Media and new technologies is one of the core ways of how modern culture shapes our lives, and provides people from all around the world to share, transmit, and discover culture from around the world. The media has become so reliant on the importance of daily news as the mediums for transmitting news have ranged from broadcasting, to television, internet, to even cellular phone access. The necessary broadcasting of the daily news has heightened the importance of media, and has risen as a powerful transmitter of different cultures from around the world. The cultural globalization of the news and media has impacted my life on daily basis as I keep up with current events, and that the news shapes modern world culture as it is rationalized, modern, and universal.

The news and media has become a part of modern world culture as it is rationalized, modern, and globally universal. The news is rationalized as it is purposeful and interconnected around the world, requires explanations, and does not reference external factors that are unknown or divine. News and media is modern, constantly up to date, and universal both in access and in content. The news is universal as it constitutes features of reality and rules by which they operate the same globally, and equally involves human individuals everywhere.

The media and how it transmissions of the current events can be broken down into the three dimensions of culture, including products and materials, ideals including norms and values, and definitions and assumptions. We are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of products such as newspapers, magazines, satellites, television, computers, cell phones, radios, etc. as material forms and products that we use to access the news at anytime, around the world. Our norms, values, rules and regulations involving our individual protection and safety include censorship when...
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