Cultural Factors and Segment Variables

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Cultural Factors and Segment Variables

Cultural Factors
Analyzing the Consumer Market chapter 6 task one: Describe and discuss the cultural factors that have the most influence on consumers purchasing your product/service. “Cultural groups, whether defined by gender, ethnicity, social class, religion, profession, age, region of the country, or part of the world are the media through which and within which individuals come to be—to feel, to think, to do—in culturally appropriate and resonant ways” (Heiman, Kitayama, Markus 1996 p. 898). It is therefore no great mystry as to why companies such as McDonald’s resturants tatget cultural groups and subgroups. Predicting and influencing consumer behavior are heavy influences upon the companies marketing behavior. A well established successful company such as Mconald’s knows it must change as 1) culture and subculture changes and 2) if it wishes to engage new cultures. We may hear it said that American culture is Mom, apple pie, baseball and Chevy (if you believe the commercials). However it seems that the rest of the world adds to that list McDonald’s. When discussing the Americanization of other countries one of the key indicators is the number of McDonald’s restaurants (Craig, Douglas & Bennett, 2009). In It’s all McChange at McDonald’s, Emerald Group (2007) article points out that McDonald’s wants to be seen as an ethical company promoting diversity, caring for the planet, while encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. The underlying tone of the article however is that McDonald’s is an agent spreading its culture in planned globalization. McDonald’s could not however succeed in the broader global markets if it did not adapt to the local cultures including growing subcultures. A DM News (2010 32(17), 61) article discuses a McDonald’s Chinese marketing test in seven cities for seven days, promoting the offer through QQ (social media) and word-of-mouth. McDonald's combined a fried chicken giveaway with the...
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