Cultural Experience

Topics: Greek language, Greek cuisine, Dishware Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: December 7, 2012
English 1130
Fall 2012
Cultural Diversity Assignment

I didn’t know where I should go to visit for my culture experience paper. I am neither into a play or temple, but I absolutely love food, all kinds of food. I think meals and restaurants are a great way to experience a different culture. The problem was what kind of food I should try and won’t be too disappointed? So I called my brother who has numerous experiences in food. He told me that I should try a Greek food and there is a Greek restaurant in uptown called It’s Greek to me, it is a nice place to go and offers delicious authentic Greek food. I was attempting and exciting. Therefore, I decided to try Greek food for my culture experience.

Next following day, my boyfriend and I went to the restaurant in uptown. First, we were friendly greeted by this lovely hostess who took us to a small table for two. By the entrance, there was a bakery stand for all kinds of traditional Greek desserts and they looked amazing. Then we sat down and looked around the place, it looked nothing like I imaged. It was big, warm, and little old fashion. There were some paintings on the wall to show us the life style in Greek. I definitely could feel the hospitality and friendly experience so far.

Soon, our friendly waitress greeted and brought us a couple of glass water. We told her that it was our first time here, and she said with a big warm smile welcome and this place won’t disappointed you. Then she offered few of her favorite dishes and gave us few moments to look at the menu. The menu offers a variety of Greek dishes, and they all sounds delicious. My boyfriend and I actually wanted to try most of them, but we only had two stomachs. So I decided to have Beef Kebob with home-style rice with tomatoes sauce, and my boyfriend had Racks of Lamb with side dish of home-style potatoes, which was one of the dishes that our waitress recommended. She took our orders, and then she brought us with some pita bread. I love...
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