Cultural Event Report

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Cultural Event Report
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Cultural Event
The most recent cultural event that I have attended was a monster truck rally. This was my first monster truck event and my only expectation was an ample amount of noise. I was not disappointed. There was an arena full of people, mainly families with masses of children, who were all talking, laughing, and screaming, with the excitement of the show. There was great up front and personal experience at the beginning of the evening during the “pit party” where people could walk up to the trucks and their drivers and take pictures. I enjoyed watching the show, but more I took pleasure in watching my daughter’s excitement at all of the antics of the trucks and their drivers. Monster trucks are used for entertainment purposes and typically involve the truck crushing smaller vehicles beneath its extra-large tires. The events usually features pairs of drivers racing around obstacle tracks, but can also include a “freestyle” event that tests the driver’s creativity in the mobility of their vehicle. The history of the monster truck starts in the 1970 for competition in mud bogging and truck pulling (Chavis, n.d., ¶ 2). Today’s monster truck events are seen more as a sporting competition and are frequently held in a sport arena setting and seem to have become a popular form of family entertainment in Europe and North America (Chavis, ¶ 6). Monster trucks are probably a fair expression of what the modern culture wants in entertainment: noise, thrills, screaming announcers and the element of danger. Although there are plenty of people who still enjoy good music, dance and spending...
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