Cultural Diversity in Schools

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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What are the benefits to teaching cultural diversity in schools? Contextually-based examples should be given, but be sure not to specifically identify any individual or organization. Teaching in a culturally diverse school can be beneficial in many ways. You are serving the community and teaching children the initial necessities of survival which is communication whether verbal, signs or signing. It could be a combination of all. You need the parental involvement too. The joy is when as the teacher you see how far a child has come from not understanding and communicating in class to being animated and verbally confident. Other examples are using common words in the students language to make them feel comfortable, photographs and pictures of common everyday things that the student is accustomed to seeing and using, flow charts. Labeling items in the classroom can be beneficial, students will learn what the items are and other students more familiar with the items will help. These are ideas that are commonly shared during workshops and teacher interventions during team meetings. As a teacher, I am always thrilled to see the child of a second language start to have dialogue with peers and begin to express themselves in conversation and class discussions. It shows their confidence and self-awareness of the new language. Being a teacher you always have to think outside of the box, be innovative to see what can help create interests and motivations for the students. A fun learning environment is important to all students’ progress and success.
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