Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, Crime Pages: 4 (1536 words) Published: July 26, 2011
Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper
Joseph Merritt
July 10,2011
Melba Ferlow- Herrington

Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper
This paper will primarily focus on racial disparity in sentencing. While studying the different problems associated with racial disparity we will also look at why racial disparity exsist within sentencing. In society today there are a diversity of citizens, offenders, and leaders within the court system. However, race still plays a big role in the criminal justice system especially during the sentencing portion of a trial or hearing. Although racial dynamics may have changed over time, race still exerts an undeniable presence in the sentencing process. “ This ranges from desperate traffic stops due to racial profiling to imposition of the death penalty based on the race of the victim and / or the offender” ( The Sentencing Project,2007). Here in the United States, African American criminal are over represented compared to this number in the general population. According to (Calderon, 2006) “ The idea of a racially discriminatory process violates the ideals of equal treatment under law as well as under the constitution that these laws were based upon.” Racial discrimination within sentencing is often a complex process in total connection with other factors which produce racially discriminatory outcomes in certain situations. Racial discrimination has been a big part of this country for a long time. And just because things have started to change does not mean that perception of the people have changed. The sad thing is people who are in a position to initiate a sentence may still believe this way today. The true analogy is the world may change but not all people want to change. Many blacks and Spanish descendants who do not work regular jobs may have this type of information used against them quite often at no fault of their own , but, as some folks say “ Never judge a book by its cover.” According to...
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