Cultural Diversity and Louie

Topics: Cultural diversity, Ethnocentrism, Old age Pages: 7 (2077 words) Published: March 24, 2012

1) Does Louie have a problem, or are the people who made the negative comments about Louie just being too sensitive?

According to the article, the manager named Louie does have problem. The people who made the negative comments are not being too sensitive since the comments about him are true although he may not realize that. Louie has discrimination problem against female (para.3 and 8), homosexual (para. 4), older people (para. 5) and other races of people were judged by him with his own perception which might be wrong. (para. 7)

As we saw from study case, Louie insulted a female customer to discuss with her husband in order to get new exhaust system instead of making decision by her. (para. 3) Evidence that result in the discrimination against female by Louie was again be proved when a female subordinate noticed that Louie treated her differently compare to male subordinate. Transparent discrimination between female and male subordinates was existed when Louie tried to hide that particular female subordinate from publishing to other due to the opinion that customers do not like female to provide them services. (para 8)

A homosexual customer was dissatisfied and complained about Louie’s behavior when Louie insulted his partner with a peck on cheek and suspend them came from San Francisco. (para. 4) Louie was out of touch with the times as the customer said since he cannot and unable to accept other’s sexual orientated as well as today’s society.

Other than that, Louie might make customers feel they are not being respected. From the study case, a senior citizen was feeling hurt and angry when Louie said that it was not good for senior citizen to get too excited when he made a complaint. (para. 5) Louie’s message may distort as the senior citizen will get themselves into trouble such as problem of health when they were angry. It was bad impressions of customer toward company while the Louie had said something sound like cruel.

In additional, Louie treated subordinates differently will create unpleasant working environment. An African American cannot understand when Louie gives him “high-five” and other such as Caucasian and Hispanic workers a congratulatory handshake if both of them done good job. (para.7) The African American may feel offensive that result from Louie behaves like Caucasian and Hispanic workers were have higher educated than African American and they deserved rule and informal treatment.

Hence, the negative comments about Louie against discrimination of female, senior citizen, homosexual and worker from different countries were true.

2) If you were the CEO of Mighty Muffler Brake, would the profitability of Louie’s store influence your decision about approaching him or his ability to relate to culturally diverse people?

Honestly, as a leader of company, we have responsibility to focus on company’s profitability. We have to make sure that we are seeking the best for company. Company will definitely appreciate employees’ efforts who try their best to make profit for company especially those are being specialized, marketable, efficient and with experience and potential as Louie. In additional, a company may be threatened when smart employees try to leave for competitors. If Louie resigns and join a competitor company, the security of company trade secrets will be compromised. There is virtually pressure for the company to not to make him upset.

However, Louie’s behavior can cause serious problems for the business. His ethnocentric attitude make customer feel offensive, hurt and uncomfortable. (para. 3, 4, and 5). At the same time, customers are essential parties which need a lot of consideration of company to fulfill their satisfaction. As we know, once the customers have negative impression of the business, it will quickly be spread in the market. As a result, reputation of company will be ruined...
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