Cultural Diversity

Topics: Culture, Education, Teacher Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Running head: Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom

Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom
Matt Innerarity
Axia College/University of Phoenix

Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom
In the classrooms and schools of the twenty first century, the need for a culturally diverse learning atmosphere is essential in order for teaching professionals to maximize the learning experience of all students, regardless of their national origin. By some estimates over one half of the average student population of U.S. schools will consist of non Caucasian cultural groups by the year 2020 (Merlino, 2010). What this means is that teaching professionals, both now and in the future, need to create culturally inclusive classroom environments that will cater to the educational needs of every child enrolled. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and a definite plan should be in place before any teacher begins their school year. Let’s assume that a teaching professional finds him or herself in a classroom at the beginning of the academic year that includes Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, African Americans, and Muslims. Needless to say, classroom lessons will need to be structured so that the substance of each lesson is understood by each cultural group, but where does the teaching professional begin? The first step should begin with the teachers themselves and an effort should be made to research each different cultural group. An understanding of the culture will go a long way in reaching each student on an individual level. For example, within the Latino culture family is of extreme importance. Familial relationships are structured differently than that of the average Caucasian family with an extreme importance placed on the mother’s sister, or “tia”, as a potential role model (Merlino, 2010). Armed with this knowledge, a teacher can make the effort to get to know the student’s “tia” as well as their parents. By doing so, the teacher can let the student as...
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