Cultural Diversity

Topics: Human, Culture, Civilization Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Cultural diversity, two words that says so much to a person like you and me; some believe cultural diversity is something that has to with the government, other’s tend to render it as a way of interacting with other countries on a global scale; I tend to agree with the latter’s beliefs. Cultural diversity has a beauty of its own, an independent phrase that can change a world.

One of the beauty’s of cultural diversity is that people around the world can experience different cultures and connect with each other; India being a prime example to this statement; in India itself there are over eight hundred languages spoken, and that is not including the local dialects. Each state holds its own culture and the people within those states can be defined by their culture such as the clothes they wear the language they speak, the food they make and eat and so on.

Anther beauty of culture diversity is religion, an example of this would be Islamic followers; followers of this religion across the globe have an entirely different culture of their own, politicization of religion have led to cross cultural collisions between Islam and other forms of religions, specifically Christianity. Otherwise, on a spiritual note, every true religious believer—in whatever religion they believe in, whether it be Islamic, Christianity—understands that God is one.

There are so many great benefits of Cultural diversity in our world. The whole structure of human civilization lies in its diverse cultures; if we take away such diversities our spiritual and philosophical growth of humanity would be severely stunted with such an absence as that. If we didn’t have cultural diversity in our world; then learning would become a restricted area in our life, having only one line of thought and behavior. Us, humans, we are thinking beings, so there are bound to be differences in our thought process with different people across the world, and cultures are ultimately an end-product of the thought...
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