Cultural Diffusion

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Cultural diffusion is very abundant throughout modern day fields such as fine arts, architecture, cooking, and styles of clothing. The International Festival, that takes place in downtown Houston once a year around April, summarizes this as a whole. The festival displays a vast amount of booths, hosting a variety of cultures’ customs and goods. Each booth displays their specific point of interest. For example, a booth dedicated to Jamaica contained a large supply of Rasta goods, a common style of attire, as well as Jamaican food consisting of jerk chicken, rice, and multiple types of fruit. A descendant or someone very knowledgeable typically runs each booth. Having all the booths intermixed creates a sense of diffusion in itself. Citizens of whatever culture they may be apart of are able to walk around and view customs, having the opportunity to adapt the teachings and beliefs from others. People hosting the Chinese booth are able to walk over to the Indian booth: sample food, try on clothes, and further develop an understanding of their beliefs. Not only did it allow other cultures to experience one another, but also allowed me develop a better understanding of how each culture has come to where it is today. While visiting the Indian booth, three elderly Indian women wrapped me in common day, culturally appropriate attire. While dressed in Indian nobility, what would seem to the common uneducated American as simple silk pajamas, I was shown the development of what it takes to become nobility in such a country. Giving me a new perspective and respect for the countries inhabitants. Walking around the festival also allowed me to see different styles of art and how they shared commonalities as well as contrasted. Italian art tends focus more on people painted in smooth abstract brush strokes as opposed to modern Russian art with very choppy realistic brush strokes, primarily focusing on scenery. However Italian art is very similar to French art in a sense they...
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