Cultural Diffusion

Topics: Christianity, Roman Empire, Judaism Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Christianity vs. Buddhism

The spread of religions depends on a variety of factors. This includes the religions message and its acceptance by the government. Christianity and Buddhism were a big factor during this time period. Christianity spread throughout all of Rome and the outer parts of Rome. Buddhism was spread through Most of what we call China.

Christianity was created by the Messiah Jesus. The followers of Jesus spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, bringing it into conflict with Roman polytheism and eventually changing Western civilization. Christianity was originated from Judaism. Christianity is a monotheistic religion, this means that they believe in only one god. The Romans accepted Christianity and the Christian doctrine established by early church councils made Christina churches. Emperor Constantine adopted this religion and legalized it. Jesus had missionaries. Missionaries carried the message to different parts of Rome and other places and told about this great religion.

Buddhism was created in India by the man named Buddha. This religion later spread through the Far East. Buddhism is a Philosophy, religion, and spiritual practice followed by more than 300 million people. Buddha was raised in a great luxury to be a king. Empathy for the suffering of others; at age 29 he rejected the life of luxury to seek enlightenment and the solution to all of this suffering. The people of India didn’t accept this religion very quickly. The people that practiced Buddhism were threatened and treated harshly, but their motto was, non-violence.

These two religions had a great influence over a large area during their time. These two religions were created by two very great leaders. Their new religion took a little time to accept. But it made it though the severe times. These two religions are still practiced today. [pic]
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