Cultural Differences Between China and Us

Topics: United States, Western culture, Chinese language Pages: 4 (1060 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The minds of the Chinese hierarchy, is not only a long history and deep-rooted.Feudal times, "his son Jun monarch and his subjects Chen Fu Zi", "Jun told Chen Si, Chen had to die, father to child death, child had to die." These ideas are not a bit of human nature.Can see that the ideology is not the lack of equality, but no.In China, there are "eating, adversity, best man, the Master," was to get ahead, superior, as a personal goal.

School education in China "Dignity" is also long.School education in the United States, students can always interrupt the teacher's speech, ask questions, do not need to consult their hands.This is unthinkable in China.In the United States, teachers are pleased to see the students questioned on any issue, because it shows students with minds, consciously, the performance of active learning, is very welcome.

In China is not just parents and children, teachers and students, broader, more generally, is the higher and lower levels leading and being leaders, cadres and ordinary people, party members and the masses, there exists an extremely unfair situation.There are always some people in power, higher than the others since that first class, and Chinakayao, bribery and corruption are followed.Ordinary Chinese civilians by corrupt officials of oppression, exploitation, work, production work initiative and be killed, under the shadow of inequality in all, the human soul to be suppressed, the mind was being detained, thought to be rigid, but alsoany sense of innovation?

Democracy (democracy Tak), science (science Mr Science), free (freedom), republican (republic), is to guide the social development and the four flag must be raised high, to remove all obstacles to the course of history of decay,The old-fashioned concept, the real emancipation of the mind, can the community move forward.Some units even in the domestic sector, as an independent kingdom, leadership abroad, business trip, people can ask, what has gone, gone,...
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