Cultural Differences between China and the U.S.A.

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China and the United States have different cultural backgrounds, different values and national conditions, it determines the Sino-US education idea, education mode and method is put in the difference with bigger.

China's basic education and basic education in the United States were compared, the majority of people believe that education is the foundation of China, the basic education," learn more understanding and less"; American education is to cultivate innovation ability education, learning more than studying"". What is the" science" or" Enlightenment"? In twentieth Century, the famous British mathematician, philosopher, educator Whitehead once said:" education is a complicated problem ... ... On this issue there is only a little I can be sure, that is not generally applicable and simple way." Each student in the school 's development, it is not only the educational mode, education content, education system and method to decide, because in the growth of the students, society, family, school education and individual four together play. Therefore, we can not only with the part of the students development, to assert that the entire education system rationality, so it is unreasonable.

Two the difference of basic education between China and America

Basic education between China and America merits, different people hold no point of view. For example, if the comparison is the mathematical curriculum, China 's basic education must exceed the United States; but if the comparison of students' practical ability especially the practice ability and innovation ability, the American basic education is certainly more than chinese.

Elementary education between America and why there is this discrepancy?

First, the two countries have very different educational tradition, Chinese basic education pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge and indoctrination, pay attention to the cultivation of students' knowledge of their master, pay attention to the cultivation of students the same thinking. While the United States is to pay attention to the training of students to use the knowledge to solve the actual problem ability, pay attention to the cultivation of the students' knowledge of development and innovation, pay attention to the cultivation of students' critical thinking and divergent thinking. We can see, China Education focused on knowledge static acceptance, and the United States of America education focuses on knowledge of the dynamic control; China is a mode of education, while the United States is a kind of elite education. As the Nobel winner professor Chen Ning Yang said, China and the United States educational philosophy is quite different, the United States of America education philosophy on the former 30%-40% student is good, because they do not need to follow the prescribed order of learning, can jump in learning, the students through training can quickly achieve success. While Chinese education philosophy on 30%-40% student is good, because these students follow the prescribed order, has a solid foundation of the process, have become the opportunity.

Secondly, different country on the foundation stage of Education Foundation has different understanding. Take mathematics as an example, the educational circles of China have historically considered, the basic concept and the basic operation is the foundation of mathematics in middle school, so we need to remember a lot of formulas and theorems. While the United States that know where to find these theorems and formulas are more important, they think that can be found in these formulas and theorems, there is no need to worry effort to memory, the brain can be saved to think about other things, such as the theorem has applications? If I need to learn? Wait.

China's education is the basis of that, the brain in a computer independent premise, the reserve knowledge as much as possible, as quickly as possible to extract knowledge, so Chinese students of the...
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