Cultural Difference in Nursing

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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This assignment will be based on a patient from a different culture to my own and how the culture difference had a significant impact on the ability to communicate or engage with the patient. During this assignment the patient will be referred as Mr Y as confidentiality of the patient must be maintained in accordance to the Nursing and Midwifery Council guidelines (NMC, 2010). In the time of my placement in Outpatient Department in one London Hospital, Mr Y a 63 year old patient, originally from Pakistan had a follow-up appointment in urology clinic due to bladder malfunction. Prior to Mr Y’s appointment he had to do two tests, a flow-rate and a bladder scan which analyses how good a patient empties the bladder. However due to Mr Y traditional Islamic beliefs and culture, he refused the bladder scan to be implemented by a female nurse and to be seen or examined by a female doctor. As a healthcare professional is essential to acknowledge and recognise cultural differences and needs of a patient that comes into our care as everyone has a culture which is influenced by many factors, such as race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and life experience. Furthermore is also important that healthcare professionals are aware of their own set of values, beliefs and world views in order to provide appropriate care. Schultz and Videbeck (2009) shared the same view that nurses need to maintain their own cultural awareness on a daily basis with all patients because of the multilevel nature of culture orientation. In Mr Y case his cultural needs in relation to communication and engagement were acknowledge, when Mr Y booked at the clinic reception he was informed that there will be some test that would have to be done prior to his appointment with the doctor. Unfortunately he wasn’t informed that it would be performed by a female nurse nor that he might be seeing by a female doctor, notwithstanding once Mr Y was ready, under the supervision of my mentor I...
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